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I was born in Ashland, Kentucky in March of 1973. My passion for writing began with poetry during my Junior year of high school. In the years that followed I wrote a number of poems, it was actually a poem that inspired my first novel Runaway. The poem I titled The Juvenile ended up spanning six pages worth of stanzas, 120 lines worth of poetry. All of my prior poems had been only 20-28 lines long. It was then, looking at what was to me an epic poem, no Homer's Iliad, but quite a bit longer than what I had ever written that I decided I wasn't finished with the story. I wrote two chapters and life happened. It was several more years before I actually finished the novel. 

​From then on the fiction bug just got in my blood and the stories started living through me. Characters started coming to life at my finger tips. Writing to me is granting life, I love the creative process and seeing what my characters will do next. I am very excited about my next project.

I live in the Gulf Coast with my wife Tina, together we have four children. I also enjoy photography in my free time when I'm not writing. The link to my photography is below.

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